Platform Service

Platform Service

Chongqing Jianfeng Industrial Group Co., Ltd. has a sound water supply, power supply, steam supply, logistics and other public engineering service platform, in addition to the internal industrial demand of Jianfeng Group, with Baitao Chemical Park other enterprises and new projects into the park supporting supply capacity.

Heat Island

Chongqing Baitao Chemical Industrial Park, affiliated to the Group, has two sets of environmental-friendly main equipments, cogeneration and heat island, with installed capacity of 49,000 kW and 50,000 kW respectively, and equipped with ammonia desulfurization equipment and supporting projects of heating pipe network. The company mainly provides power supply and heating services for all enterprises in the Bai Tao Chemical Industrial Park.


Convenient Water Transport Terminal

Chongqing Huiyuan Water Company Limited, which is controlled by the Group, takes water intake, water production and water supply as its core business, operates centralized water supply, water resources development and utilization, water quality testing, water supply and drainage engineering design and technical consultation, water supply equipment management, etc. The company's annual water and water supply capacity is 28 million tons.

Logistics Transportation

he group belongs to Chongqing Jianfeng Bono Logistics Co., Ltd., engaged in industrial and commercial, land and water transport, warehousing and distribution, hoisting and maintenance, information services and other supply chain integrated business. The company has three-level road transport, first-class vehicle maintenance qualifications, a total area of 30,000 m2 of specialized warehouses, annual throughput capacity of 1 million tons of Wujiang wharf; and dozens of container trailers, heavy trucks and 8t-100t a variety of tire cranes. We have established a perfect channel network for trade, logistics, customs declaration, warehousing and tally.